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Gemstone Treatments

Buy with Confidence from R. T. Boyd Limited - The Gemstone Experts:

In today’s gemstone market there is a confusing array of gemstone treatments and enhancements available that are meant to improve the appearance and/or marketability of a gemstone. To the uninitiated consumer the detection and knowledge of these enhancements can be a dangerous and costly minefield that they must navigate. Unfortunately gemstone treatment disclosure is not a common policy by many gemstone sellers and this may explain why many gemstones on the market today seem to be such a good deal.  
The principals of R. T. Boyd Limited have been buying and selling coloured gemstones for two generations and we pride ourselves on staying in touch with the international gemstone laboratories and the treatments that are acceptable and unacceptable in the markets. Our company adheres to a policy of full disclosure and we follow the guidelines established by the American Gem Trade Association. A copy of the AGTA’s Gemstone Information Manual may be downloaded from their website.  
Coloured gemstone and coloured gemstone jewellery supplied by R. T. Boyd Limited clearly state the nature and type of treatment that can be found in these gemstones. 
For instance there has been recent press about the colour coating of Tanzanite (see here), a rare purple-blue gemstone from Tanzania to improve the colour saturation in smaller gems.   Virtually all Tanzanites on the market today have been heat treated to some degree. Heat treatment of Tanzanite is an accepted trade practice but chemical induced diffusion coating in Tanzanite is not an accepted trade practice.   The values of a coated Tanzanite will be much lower than the value of a non-coated Tanzanite and thus this is an important distinction to make.    
In another example, many Alexandrites available for purchase from various suppliers around the world do not clearly distinguish between Natural Alexandrite, Synthetic Alexandrite, and Alexandrite composite gemstones, or Alexandrite-like gemstones. Of course fine quality natural Alexandrites are quite rare and very valuable whereas natural Alexandrite-effect gemstones (such as natural colour change sapphires or garnets) are rare but less expensive than natural alexandrites, synthetic (man-made) Alexandrites are common and quite inexpensive, and finally Alexandrite doublets (sometimes confusingly called “Crown Alexandrite”) are very common and inexpensive since they are made from a thin layer of natural or synthetic alexandrite glued to a layer of some other gemstone material. 
The failure to disclose diffusion treatments in Tanzanite and Sapphires, or the proper identification of an Alexandrite, just to name a few examples, can lead to a confusing price structure for the uninitiated gemstone buyer.  Often these misrepresentations, manifesting substantial prices differences, are coming from less ethical gemstone sellers.   R. T. Boyd Limited, as an ethical supplier of coloured gemstone jewellery and coloured gemstones, adheres to a policy of full disclosure of gemstone treatments. We provide our expertise and knowledge to give our clients the full confidence in the value of their purchase. We recommend that you ensure that your supplier of coloured gemstones also adheres to a similar policy! 
R.T. Boyd Limited does not sell any synthetic or simulated gemstones nor does it misrepresent the coloured gemstone in anyway.
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